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At MES, we are keenly aware of the treacherous landscape confronting today’s authors. If you desire our input, we would be diligent in our efforts to help you assess your market value, representation, management, and the right distribution platforms for your books. We also have the ability to edit, proofread, and format your novel, plus build and market your book’s website. We are proud of the fact that last year over fifty percent of our writers signed publishing agreements.

To anticipate our writers’ growing needs, we now offer these Author Services:

  • Consulting
  • Novel and Screenplay Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Book Formatting
  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Website Design/construction
  • Book Marketing
  • Book Website Marketing
  • HD Video Author Interviews
  • HD Video Book Promos
  • Book Publicity Services
  • Screenplay Novelizations
  • Novel Adaptations to Screenplays

We offer financing and accept all major credit cards. Ask us for a quote, and  join the most successful book editing group today.

Here a few of our Testimonials:

“Alan’s advice in regards to script development and industry knowledge is second to none. A true film connoisseur, with a huge appreciation for the art form. Truly a honor to work with. Best of all he has a great sense of fun and wit!”
Tace Bayliss, Film maker

“In all my years of writing for television, commercials, and theater, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as tuned in to the creative process as Alan Brown. As an editor, he is a joy to work with because he respects your work, and understands exactly what you are trying to achieve. With his expertise on your side, your chances of seeing your project move forward are much, much greater.”
Paul Elliott, Novelist and Playwright

“Alan Brown was an absolute Godsend for me the during edits and rewrites of my first work of literary fiction. With his encouragement, I gained both the confidence to write without holding back, and many of the literary tools I needed to develop my characters. His excitement for literature both inspired and encouraged me,and I would recommend him to any fledgling writer that is beginning a literary journey of their own.”              Jackie Lewis, Publisher / Editor of The Minute Magazine

Let Manuscript Editing Solutions (MES) help you. We have worked as editors and consultants to some of the most eminent writers, publishers, and literary agents in the industry. Fast and efficient, we offer a unique service to writers because we have actual work experience in story development in the entertainment and publishing industry. Having spent thirty years working in storytelling, we know what the film industry and the publishers are looking for. We are different from other editing services because we help our clients craft their stories into marketable intellectual properties. We have also been successful in helping our clients secure representation.

MES is an editorial service designed to deliver to the writer a manuscript formatted and edited for agency and publisher submission. Through regular phone discussions with the editor, and manuscript change suggestions by email, MES aims to make book editing a valuable experience for the fiction writer. Our editors suggest changes that focus on story editing. We analyze characters, character arc, balance of characters, descriptive, setting, tempo, point of view, and plot points.

  • We have over thirty years of experience in story editing.
  • We work with most of the major literary agencies.
  • We understand what book publishers want.
  • Send us your novel for a written bid, and check out our prices. We accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal.

We will supply you with a written price quote after the review of the manuscript.
If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your book, please email me (alan@mesolutions.biz) or call us at 1 917 776-7322, 001 917 776-7322 (from outside the United States) or Skype me at mesbrown8.
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