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Alan R. Brown began his career in the entertainment industry more than thirty years ago. After attending Seattle University, he started as a production assistant for T.V.C. Studios, a production and post production facility located in New York. Three years later, he accepted a job with Osprey Productions. There, he was involved with two Emmy-winning productions, and numerous Gold, Silver, and Bronze Cine Eagle Awards on Documentaries. His mentor and supervisor, Craig Fisher, was the President of the Writers Guild of America East, and the owner of Osprey Productions. Before leaving Osprey, Alan attained the position of Senior V.P. of  Productions.

In 1986, he joined Joseph E. Levine Presents as a story editor.  Upon the passing of Joseph Levine a year later, Alan became President of Production. His job duties ranged from supervising the overall production of feature films, debt structuring, and the worldwide rights sales of such films as And Now My Love and A Bridge Too Far to the producing and story editing of Thunder Born. He also supervised and managed both the assets and debts of the Levine film library on behalf of the Estate and Citibank.

In 1990, Alan was the executive producer of the Year of the Comet for Castlerock Entertainment/Columbia Pictures; and in 1991, he was contracted to produce Sea Kings for Universal Studios, starring Sean Connery. Both screenplays were written by William Goldman.

From 1993 to 1995, while serving on the Board of Directors of National Video Industries, a Production/Post Production facility in New York, Alan directed and edited the story and film, The Three Golden Keys for Marly Rusoff at Double Day.

In 1995, he was contracted to produce Pat Conroy’s Beach Music with Alan Ladd Jr. for Paramount Pictures, starring Brad Pitt.  Negotiations for the sale of the property generated heated debate throughout the industry as reflected in the articles of Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Liz Smith’s nationally syndicated column.  It was the first agent-less deal of this magnitude in Hollywood history with Alan Brown handling all negotiations on behalf of the writers.

During this period, Alan was a guest faculty member and speaker for the University of South Carolina’s Low Country Writers’ Conference, whose members included many of America’s most illustrious southern writers.  Alan taught a course on adapting novels to screenplays.

Between 2001 and 2003, Alan was under contract to a European film fund. He had the responsibility of identifying, structuring the financing, and negotiating long term distribution contracts with the studios. His job also included distribution, and general entertainment consulting duties (identifying and packaging scripts, directors and talent).

In 2007, under his own company banner, Mr. Brown arranged the funding for a foreign film fund, and coordinated the bridge and outside independent financing for their clients.

Mr. Brown currently works as a story editor for both novels and screenplays, and continues to arrange financing for films.  He also lectures on screenplay writing, novel writing, and film finance. Most recently in April 2010, he lectured at the Unicorn Writers’ Conference, in Stratford, Connecticut.

For further information please email me. (Alan Brown)

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