John O’Brien
Author of the series, A New World.

“First of all, I would like to say that it’s a pleasure working with Alan. His easy-going yet professional manner makes him easy to work with. With regards to editing, his approach and knowledge has no equal. He worked with me on my first book and it has received glowing reviews regarding the editing. Alan turned the book around and I learned a lot in the process.
Alan is also my entertainment consultant and here he shines as well. Highly regarded throughout the industry, his vast knowledge of the industry, contacts, and experience is unparalleled. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am to have Alan in my corner.”

Rel Dowdell
CEO at Rel Dowdell Films

“Alan is a truly outstanding and highly knowledgeable film executive
and consultant. His wherewithal of familiarity regarding many layers
of film and its major components is unparalleled. In addition, Alan
is adept at being able to zero in on the cause of problems and offer
creative and feasible solutions. Moreover, he always gives sufficient attention to detail. Alan also displays strong analytical skills and consistently displays initiative and enthusiasm in every task. It is
obvious that Alan takes pride in his work and is the ultimate ‘team
player,’ which make him an honor and pleasure to work with.”

Kerri Zane
Single Mom Lifestyle Expert, Amazon Best Selling Author, Emmy Award winning TV Exec, Speaker, Spokesperson

“Alan Brown is a creative writer’s “editorial” dream come true! He is a consummate professional. Alan is reliable, thorough, thoughtful and easy to work with. He works with you to ensure your creative vision and voice comes to life on the pages with polish and perfection. I am pretty certain I’ve not only gained an editor for all my published works, but also a life long friend!”

Courtney Marchesani
Writer, Activist, & Strategist

“Alan Brown brought my book back to life when I thought it was dead. After working side by side with Alan for five months, I can say without a doubt he gave me the faith and confidence I needed as a first time writer. He believed in me and encouraged me to forge ahead, helping me grow into a better writer.
Now, I’m ready to publish the book I’ve been working on for over ten years. Instead of feeling dread over the writing or my ability as a writer, I’m excited. Alan’s insights into the process are shared from an expert level and command of the English language. I trust him implicitly. Having worked in the upper echelon of the entertainment industry he has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share and a lot of funny stories! He will never disappoint a budding writer or a long time writing veteran needing a fresh perspective. He has a wicked sense of humor to buoy the spirits, even in the darkest times.
I highly recommend Alan. I now have a tight manuscript worthy of any publishers attention.”

Paul Elliott, Writer, has five published plays in the last five years, two world premieres, and three productions.

“In all my years of writing for television, commercials, and theater, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as tuned in to the creative process as Alan Brown. As an editor, he is a joy to work with because he respects your work, and understands exactly what you are trying to achieve. With his expertise on your side, your chances of seeing your project move forward are much, much greater.”

Wayne J. Keeley,   Director and Vice President of Children’s Advertising Review Unit of the Council of Better Business Bureaus

“Alan is a consummate Editor, Writer and Producer. He has the art of the story down cold. Moreover, he motivates writers to be the best that they can be and to create the best possible work product. He also has a great marketing sense which complements his creativity.”

Jan Kardys, President, Literary Agent, Black Hawk Literary Agency

“I would highly recommend Alan Brown and Editing Solutions for your manuscripts. Before you submit to a literary agent it is essential that your book be in superior editorial shape with a clear plot, subplots, character development, action, tone, climax, and an emotional connection for your readers. Alan is highly experienced in all of these editorials area and he also brings with him the added experience of working on film scripts, developing story ideas for writers and excellent editorial work with writers.”

Frank S Petrilli, Director/Screenwriter/Story Development, Hurricane Development, LLC.

“I’ve often heard the saying: “Novelists make Literature, Playwrights make Art, Screenwriters make Entertainment and TV Writers make Furniture.” Though I am third on this list, I can honestly say that Alan Brown’s keen eye and gentle touch guided my through the perilous world of screenwriting and on to a higher level of writing. Alan has an innate gift that he earnestly shares with detail, insight and patience; I am a better story-teller for it. He has changed my life as a filmmaker, and I am grateful for the time well spent with him through two complex screenplays. My only regret is that I did not audio-record our many, many, many script-conferences — for there are tidbits of precepts, theory and tenets of his own that I use and repeat to myself each day; then there are those that I cannot recall at all. They don’t make “them” like this anymore!” August 31, 2011.

Jamie Ripp, Writer

“I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with Alan. He brings out the best in me and allows me to keep my own unique voice. He does not settle for second best. He pushes me until he knows he has the best I can give. Alan works with my individual uniqueness and style.” August 30, 2011.

Rob Reuter, Novelist

“Alan, took a raw manuscript and turned it into a well written story. His attention to detail while providing solutions is a cut above. He sets his clients at ease and his integrity is without question. Without any doubt Alan will be a part of my next project!”
August 2, 2011

Jackie Lewis/Publisherat The Minute Magazine hired Alan as a Writer/Editor in 2009.
“Alan Brown was an absolute Godsend for me the during edits and rewrites of my first work of literary fiction. With his encouragement, I gained both the confidence to write without holding back, and many of the literary tools I needed to develop my characters. His excitement for literature both inspired and encouraged me, and I would recommend him to any fledgling writer that is beginning a literary journey of their own.” August 2, 2011.

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